How to Spy on Competitors’ Ads & Landing Pages

Spying on competitors’ ads and landing pages is something you should be doing if you’re serious about staying relevant. It will help give you ideas about what you may want to focus on next or what’s working for others that you may want to implement for yourself.

The focus of this guide will be the adult industry, but this can apply to any market or niche.


The first important tool in your spy arsenal should be a VPN. Any VPN that gives you a choice to pick a country to switch to will do the trick. The reason this is important is because you need to be able to look at campaigns being run in other countries.

CyberGhost VPN is currently offering a package for $12.99/month. There is a significant list of available countries to switch to at will, which is more than sufficient for your spying purposes.

User-Agent Switcher

The second tool that you would need is an add-on called User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome. This add-on will turn your desktop version of Google Chrome into a mobile/tablet version. It will fool websites into showing you mobile content. This tool is extremely handy and could be used to view ads that wouldn’t normally be seen on the desktop version.

Time to Spy

Now it’s time to put both of these tools to use. In this hypothetical situation, I’m going to be running an adult mobile campaign in Canada. I’m going to be using TrafficJunky, which is a popular platform to run adult ads on. TrafficJunky runs ads on PornHub, xHamster, RedTube and other popular adult websites.

Start by running your VPN service and set it to the country which you want to see the ads and landing pages for. In this example, Canada will be chosen. Now wait for your new IP Address to be confirmed.

Next, start Google Chrome and load the User-Agent Switcher. Select the iPhone option under iOS.

I want to gather as much intelligence as I can regarding anyone running campaigns on PornHub. I want to see what ads they’re running and what landing pages they’re using. After completing the setup above, I should be able to see all mobile ads running in Canada.

My browser is displaying the mobile version of the site in Canada and I can see the ads displayed by my direct competitors. After clicking on the above ad, I was taken to the landing page which is too explicit to censor and won’t be displayed here. However, you get the idea.

I now have access to a gold mine of information that will assist in determining angles for my new adult CPA campaign. You can rinse and repeat this method and use it not just for adult campaigns, but also any other campaign you’re running on other platforms.



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