How to Make Money with Clickbank

Clickbank was founded in 1998. It was one of the original affiliate networks to come out. Needless to say, it’s been the source of millions of dollars in revenue for affiliates around the world.

This article will explore picking the right Clickbank offer and doing research on your offer.

#1 – Picking the Right Offer

Picking the right offer is the most important process in running a successful Clickbank campaign. Without a solid offer, no matter how much you try; you won’t be selling anything.

We’re going to look at the process from the beginning. Go over to the Marketplace and look at the available categories. For the purposes of this guide, we’re going to select Health & Fitness as it’s one of the more popular categories.

How-to-make-money-with-clickbank-2Once you’re inside Health & Fitness, pay attention to the “Sort results by” drop down menu. This is important as Clickbank offers many choices to use to narrow down your search. We’re always going to select “Gravity” as this is the main filter that will show you what product is selling the most. This is a very good indication of what is working for other affiliates and what you should be promoting, given you have the right tools to do so.

Also, pay attention to metrics like Initial $/sale and Avg Rebill Total. These two metrics tell you how much you will get paid for the initial sale and if there’s a reoccurring fee, how much on average you will be paid for that.

The Red Tea Detox offer looks good as it’s the one with the highest gravity, its initial sale is not bad at $18 or so and its average re-bill total is around $38 which is huge. This is the offer we’re going to promote. Now on to the next stage.

#2 – The Research Stage

You looked at Clickbank’s Marketplace and picked an offer you think would make you some money. Now what?

The first thing you need to do is start looking at your competitors. How are they promoting this product? What can you do to improve what they’ve done and make some serious cash? The key here is to remember it’s almost impossible to re-invent the wheel, but to improve it is do-able.

The secret weapon in our arsenal to spy on our competition is SimilarWeb. This website will tell us all we need to know about our product and who is promoting it. Go over to SimilarWeb and plug How-to-make-money-with-clickbank-5in the main offer URL from Clickbank.

Once the information is displayed, pay close attention to the “Traffic Overview” section. This will tell you how much approximate traffic has been sent to this offer over the past few months. You will also see the countries where the traffic has come from (very important). This will tell you which countries are most likely converting best.

From those results, we can see that US traffic is top and is most likely converting best.

Once you scroll down, you will come across a section named “Referrals.” This section is one of the main sources of intelligence you will come across. In this example, let’s look at the last referral listed here. Right click on the link and select “Open in new tab/window.”

How-to-make-money-with-clickbank-6This website is one of the top referral sites for our offer. By gaining access to this site we can gain important insight into one of the top affiliates for this offer. By doing this, we can learn from his/her methods and hopefully do better. This website appears to be a blog that offers viewers tips to lose weight. The offer is then placed in the articles and once a viewer clicks the link, they would be redirected to the Red Tea Detox offer.

After looking around that website, we can even plug that URL into SimilarWeb to see what we can find about where the traffic to that site comes from.

Once you’re done with the SimilarWeb data, go over to Google and type “Red Tea Detox Review”. This will bring up a bunch of affiliate websites that ranked that keyword in order to get sales after attracting viewers looking to read reviews on the product. This will reveal some more information you may want to know about the product and how to promote it.

How-to-make-money-with-clickbank-8Then comes the final stage of the research process, the Google Keyword Planner. Go over to the tool and type in “Red Tea Detox”. This will give you valuable information regarding what keywords are being used in relation to this product. This will come in handy if you choose to promote this product using paid search methods.

#3 – Taking Action

You’ve picked the right offer and have done the research. Now it’s time to put all that effort into action. Think about all the information you learned in the previous steps and try to come up with a plan. Based on this scenario, we came across a top affiliate site by using SimilarWeb. This site was createrunning a website that was being used to drive traffic to the offer. We know that this particular method was most likely working for that affiliate. We could try to make a similar effort or try something different.

In other articles, we will look closer at methods of promotion, including both paid methods and free methods.

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