Best Free Affiliate Tracking Software

Prosper202 was the pioneer of affiliate tracking software. This was the first self-hosted program used by many affiliates to track and use data in order to maximize profitability. Unfortunately, Prosper202 is no longer free.

CPVLab was another popular self-hosted program which was a one-time paid subscription to run. However, that program mysteriously stopped working recently and there is mixed news about the status of the project. Many speculate that the team split up and are now pursuing different versions on their own.

There are many cloud-based solutions such as Voluum, Thrive Tracker (with self-hosted option), and AdsBridge.

Voluum started off offering a free tier which was great for new affiliates who weren’t bringing in much revenue. However, they stopped offering the free tier and moved on to a $99/month model for the basic package. That price has now been increased to $224/month at the time of the release of this article.

Other cloud-based solutions may still be more affordable than Voluum, but are still a big chunk of the budget for the new affiliate.

Into the picture comes BeMob. A cloud-based tracking solution for affiliates which offers a free tier for up to 100,000 events per month.

BeMob is owned by a company named Adweb Media based out of the Czech Republic. According to Wayback Machine, the platform popped up sometime in 2017. There have been no apparent reported issues about the parent company nor the company that runs this service. Therefore, according to the information at hand, this is a trust-worthy platform to host your campaign data.

Included in the free tier is access to multiple data centers across the world which ensure fastest possible click processing. Also included is the company’s “Sixth Sense” feature which is similar to the “Heat” feature in CPVLab for those familiar. This highlights the important correlation between certain data that may help reveal possible winner combinations in campaigns.

With all the above features included in the free tier, your best bet when it comes to free affiliate tracking software is BeMob for the time being.

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